My favourite podcasts right now and why

MFCEO Project: Andy Frisella

My boyfriend showed me this podcast back in 2015. When I say this podcast changed our lives, I am NOT exaggerating.

It taught us both so much on how to succeed in business, life and relationships. After a few years of listening to the podcast, the host Andy Frisella created this challenge called 75 Hard. Which then developed into an entire Live Hard program. If you have not heard of this before, I HIGHLY recommend you checking it out. I would say 1% of people can actually complete the entire program. Even talking to people now about it, they say “oh yeah we did that too!” Then I start asking them more questions and learn they made “adjustments” on something. THAT IS NOT THE CHALLENGE.

We wouldn’t have made our move to Calgary if we didn’t listen to this podcasts and complete his Live Hard program. It taught us resilience and the difference between being truly determined and successful. It taught us how to make zero compromises. If you say you’re going to do something, fucking do it and stop making excuses.

So if you are looking for a true KICK in the ASS podcast, give him a listen. Only do it if you don’t mind being yelled at. He’s not for everyone, but then again, who is?

The Ed Mylett Show: Ed Mylett

Oh my lord. Ed Mylett. I cannot say enough amazing things about this accomplished human. He is THE BEST person to listen interview other people. He does his homework and always has a direct intent with his show.

He interviews such a range of people, I feel I have learnt SO much listening to his shows. I have also developed quite the book collection from listening to all his guests. If you want to learn about health, wealth, brain activity, high performance habits, culture, politics, he is your man.

The Real Brad Lea Podcasts: Brad Lea

”Dropping bombs. From the people who have it to the people who need it.” Knowledge bombs. The Real Brad Lea, is the opposite of Ed Mylett. He doesn’t really prepare, he pretty much wings it. But he does so, with such swagger that you’re laughing and being educated the entire show.

The Jimmy Rex Show: Jimmy Rex

I am not even entirely sure how I got into his show, he must have been a guest on one of the previous podcasts mentioned. That’s how I find a lot of my fav. books and podcasts.

He is a Utah based realtor and loves Tony Robbins more than I do. I have become insanely fascinated with real estate and real estate investing. Jimmy Rex’s show has some variety of guests, but he has recently launched a specific Real Estate Investing segment that I LOVE. Even though it is United States based, it still is a good one to get me thinking about how I should go about investing in Canada.

The Big Money Stylist: Danielle K.White

Back when I was looking into different extension methods and what ones to take, I stumbled across NBR. Natural Beaded Rows. They have made a significant impact on the industry and are big time motivators for what I want to accomplish.

It’s Danielle and her lead Educator that do this quick 30minute show together and they talk about the industry as well as just normal challenges business owners and stylists face. They are very real and brutally honest. I really enjoy their authenticity.

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