Every Tuesday, 6pm MDT. SO EXCITED to have you all tune in.

Some of you know Amber Young, she is one of Calgary's best lash artists & educators. Every time we get together we have SUCH good conversations, we always joke about recording them. So we are going to do just that.

Well, almost.

We are taking our conversations LIVE while enjoying one of our favourite beverages, TEQUILA.

#TequilaTalkTuesday will cover a lot of the items we get asked frequently: starting (y)our own businesses —before, during, and after a pandemic; common obstacles we have found and how to overcome them; how both the lash industry and the hair industry overlap and differ; each's struggles and strengths, synergies and opportunities; etc. We will also regularly feature friends and colleagues who are successful in the space, and have them share their experiences and insights.

This is a space for industry professionals and friends alike to learn from others' mistakes and successes, so send us your questions and your comments. We look forward to talking with (and learning from) you all!

And hey, feel free to drink something good too, it’ll probably make us sound even better.

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