EPISODE 6: #TequilaTalkTuesday

Making your “mess” your message.

Amber and I signed up for the Dean Graziosi and Tony Robbins “Own Your Future” event. Day 1 and already I am in awe of these humans. I know it’s going to be worth it.

We talked about alot of things that we took away from our first day of this challenge. We spoke about our limiting beliefs, truly feeling your goals and the reasons behind them. Really feeling what those outcomes will be. We talked about being proud of your experiences and how far you’ve come.

We challenged our viewer to write down everything they are proud of accomplishing. Your personal experiences are what makes you uniquely qualified to put yourself out there!

I want to share with you my notes from Day 1 of Own Your Future :

- if you don’t like your life; CHANGE IT.

- the “tyranny of how” : think of your reason FIRST then the answer and the how, do NOT get consumed by the how. FInd your WHY.

- when tony robbins asked warren buffett what his greatest investment was he replied “the investment in himself”

- action is mothered by decisions

- invest in yourself and self education and TAKE ACTION, self education is nothing without action

- suffering from imposter syndrome? “who am I to do this?” try: “who am I NOT to do this?!”

- strive to make a difference in just 1 persons life

- what are TWO ACTIONS you can do IMMEDIATELY to get you closer to your goals

- be SPECIFIC in your goals and have the mindset “this is what I am doing NO MATTER WHAT.”

- take note of your DAILY actions. what are propelling you forward and what actions are keeping you from reaching your goals? Are you sleeping in? Are you cheating on your meal plan? What is it? What is hindering you and getting in the way.

- the way you use your body determines how you think and feel - POSTURE/breathing makes a HUGE difference : Try it for 2 minutes: standing up tall, shoulders rolled back and head up

- when you change your body, your mind will change FASTER ( this is why Tony gets you to jump up and down and yell YES and pound your chest)

- maybe you didn’t have a clear path to your goals written down, but you had them in your mind constantly, and because of this you were aware of the opportunities coming your way and you were able to ACT on them

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