For episode 5, our fifth episode, on the fifth month, had to be on the fifth day for CINCO DE MAYO. My boyfriend is from Mexico and we laughed how they don’t celebrate it there, but we do here. If you want to check out a cute video on what cinco de mayo is and how to make guac:

We always knew we wanted to start having “guests” on the show and we thought it would be perfect to start with our men!

Amber’s husband, Jerry, has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years and owns his own contracting/home renovations company - Detailed Contracting.

My man, Pablo, is a real estate agent! He works for Remax with Justin Havre.

We asked them a few questions:

Q: What’s it like being an entrepreneur? And how does being part of a team differ than being on your own?

A: The time freedom. You know the work and time you are putting in, you will be compensated. We hate having to ask someone for time off.

We found a lot of similarities between their answers, because when doing home renos, even though you’re technically your own boss, you are still working for the client.

Q: What should people be looking for in a good contractor or realtor? What kind of questions should people be asking?

A: Check references! If they are quoting you the cheapest, it’s probably because they are doing the cheapest work. Make sure you like the individual. You will be spending a lot of time with them, so you better trust them.

Q: Is now a good time to buy?

A: Yes. The best time to buy real estate was yesterday. Next best time is today.

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