EPISODE 2: #TequilaTalkTuesday

Tequila Talk Tuesdayyyy Episode dos!

Our Drink recipe combined some of our favourite things, protein+tequila.

2 oz Tequila

1 egg white

¼ oz raspberry syrup

1 tsp sugar

Fresh lemon juice (half lemon)

We both were on such a high last week from our first episode. We are so pumped for this series. Today, Amber took a day to refresh, and raise vibrations. She made this amazing EMPOWERING dance reels on instagram. It really set the mood for our talk to tonight.

We talked about getting clients, referral programs, losing clients, and the amazing results of word of mouth referrals.

When I moved to calgary, during the first covid lockdown I spent an entire month scouring instagram to find profiles of people that I felt would be a good fit. Then I would reach out to them to see if they were looking for a stylist. In order to get new clients, you can’t just rely on your current ones. Even though, they are your #1 fans and you will get amazing referrals because of them, you also should be making a conscious effort to step outside of your comfort zone. Amber made a kijiji ad, (which I can share the template of) and she gained some dream clients from that! I did a 30 day challenge where I had to talk to a stranger every single day. And yes I did this during covid! Originally I was so nervous for it, but it ended up being one of my favourite things!! And the task was specific, it couldn't just be like “ oh hi” you had to try to learn something about that person and this conversation had to happen in person not via technology. So we challenged our followers to do a similar challenge this week! We challenged them to do something that scares them every single day this week. I’m excited to see what they do..

When I opened up Pearl and Co, my boyfriend and I were really trying to think about how I could make my referral program different, and better than all the other ones out there. We were inspired by the shoes “Toms” You know you buy a pair and then they give a pair to someone in need?

So my referral program is if I have a client and they send me a friend, that friend gets $25 off their service and then my client gets to pick a charity of their choice and I donate $25 to that charity.

When you think about it, I’m giving up $50 of my money for that referral. I truly feel like because of this I have this abundance mentality around money.

There’s an old saying “whatever you want more of, give it away.” You’re telling the universe “I don’t think this is scarce” I love making money of course, but how good does it feel to give away gifts and do good? Most of the time it feels better than receiving gifts. Do good and give back. I know how that makes my life better and inspires other people.

On the topic of inspiring people, we chatted a bit about how to create and batch content so you don’t get overwhelmed or burnt out in trying to be active and social on these social platforms.

We want to be more consistent. We are trying to post once a day. But we won't post just to post because that’ll come across inauthentic. So on the days we are feeling good, we get ready, and batch a shit ton of genuine content that inspires us and we hope inspires other. Whether its empowering or humorous.

We got a question from a viewer “What did you find challenging about merging your personal and business account together?

I truly feel like I am still figuring this out. I have three accounts, and it may seem a bit much, but I have my personal, my hair page and also my business page. I think I have finally nailed down what I want on each, but it will be a learning curve. My personal, is really just for me and my traveling and not thinking about pleasing anyone. My hair page is more of me, and my experience in this industry. My business is strictly what is going on at Pearl + Co.

We ended the conversation tonight, with the topic for next week. We got talking about how Rupaul is Amber’s spirit animal. He has been working so hard for so long! He never gave up. Which brings us to next weeks topic; TOO MANY QUIT FAR TOO SOON. Diet, exercise,business, relationships, you name it. I CANNOT wait to share my thoughts on this. I am SO passionate about this because I have seen it first hand.

Cannot wait for next week! See you at 6PM MST.

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