EPISODE 1: #TequilaTalkTuesday

Last night was our very first Tequila Talk Tuesday!! Oh my god it was SO much fun. I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect but damn, it was awesome. I felt so good after it and I can’t wait for the coming weeks.

I’m going to recap what we chatted about on my blog so if people miss the show, or just prefer to read, they can catch up on all the goods here! So the show/series/podcast or whatever you want to call it is going to be a place for us to chat about anything we want. Mindset, business, the beauty industry, horror clients, you name it! Amber has been in the lash industry for the past six years and has become a master lash artist and trainer. I have been in the industry since I was 12, and last October opened up my own salon in Calgary and created my own extension method and now am offering training. We both can relate so much to one another because of our similar roles in our respected industries. We started the show with a shot of The Rock’s Tereman Tequila, and since we are both badass and genuinely enjoy tequila, no salt or lime was needed. Someone even commented that we did it with a straight face! Proud. This was our first time trying this tequila, and we chatted about how amazing Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s personal brand is. He could’ve bottled his sweaty sock water and people still would’ve lined up and broke sales because people aren’t buying the product, they are buying into his brand. Hell, people probably would’ve paid more for his dirty sock water… This brought up a very relative point in our industries. Amazing talent does NOT excuse bad behaviour. Clients go to you for skill, sure, but they stay because of who YOU are. People are spending hours with us and they are not going to keep coming back if they don’t enjoy the time spent with you. We could all learn a lot from the way The Rock has built up his personal brand. Amber and I strive to be supportive to other people in our industries, and give constructive feedback instead of backlash to those who ask questions. I have asked people for help and a lot of the time they really underestimate those who seek help and support. Many times you come across individuals who refuse to give out information for free, they always want you to buy something. In our eyes, if you are only selling this information, it just makes it seem like you have nothing else to offer. The type of people that I look to and would buy from are the ones that are giving out such amazing FREE info and it makes me think DAMN, if they are giving all of this away for free, I can just imagine how amazing the information is that they are selling. Amber recently did a “Lash Queen Summit” where they discussed this and supporting one another in the industry, at length. It was then brought up by one of the viewers that they like to “stalk” aka do their research on whoever they are looking to get services or training/mentorship from. Do you know your shit? Have you actually accomplished what you're selling? Do they like your vibe? I think we can all relate to this. Before I buy anything I try to really do a deep dive in their social to see if I can relate to them. This is a big reason I wanted to start Tequila Talk Tuesdays. I wanted another, more raw platform for people to get to know me. I honestly don’t care if we get 2 viewers or 2 million. All I want to focus on is being genuine and gaining a loyal following from 2 people. Because then those 2 people will yell from mountain tops how great I am which then will attract 2 more people, and it will snowball from there, with REAL people and REAL support. You never know who’s life you will impact and as long as someone can get one little nugget from us, we are happy. I used to overthink everything and never actually do anything. I have really changed that over the past years and now my motto is just fucking DO IT. Stop making excuses, and DO IT. We will be trying new drink recipes every week and posting the recipes prior to the show so people can make their drinks at home and drink with us! This episode our drink was 1oz of Teremana Tequila with half and half water + fresca or flavoured sparkling water of choice. We are excited to have other like minded individuals on the show to share their knowledge and experience and we just look forward to getting to know everyone! See you next week at 6pm MST.

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