Books that got me through the 2020 shit storm

WELL. See ya never 2020. It’s not the first or last time you’ll hear that. I will say, however shitty 2020 was, it actually wasn’t my worst year. My boyfriend and I accomplished a lot. We made the most of this pandemic. Sometimes I feel a little guilty saying that, but it really could’ve been worse. At the very beginning of the pandemic, during the first lockdown, I for sure had a minor freak out on WTF was I going to do? We had just moved to a new city, basically both of us starting over in our careers, and now we just had to come to a complete halt? I never again wanted to feel financially stressed like that. So I dived deep into a lot of books to help me with my future. Here a few golden nuggets I read and have made huge changes in my life and preparing for the future. - Smart women finish rich by David Bach Got this book as a child and it was just a good reminder about saving. - The richest man in babylon by George S. Clason Very quick read, again drills in how to save your money. - Beat the bank by Larry Bates THE BEST. Before investing your money anywhere, READ THIS. - Sell it like serhant by Ryan Serhant Amazing book to be fucking bad ass. - Lifespan why we age and why we don’t have to by David A. Sinclair, PhD LIFE-CHANGING. I am not going to live forever in my 30 year old body. See ya never old age.

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